Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wonderful cherry blossom earrings from an old blouse

 THE FINE, PALE-PINK SILK USED TO MAKE these earrings was recycled from a blouse that was destined for the thrift store. Small tufts of thread indicate the flower stamens and the blossoms are finished with leaves made from vintage brocade. The pom-poms are made using a pom-pom maker, but the instructions for using for cardstock circles are given if you want to use those instead. 

  •  Approximately 23.5 x 3 in. (60 x 8 cm) of pale-pink silk fabric
  •   Hand embroidery flosses in green and pink
  •  Small scraps of green silk brocade fabric 
  •  Two ear wires 
  • Two headpins 
  •   Pom-pom maker with 1 1/2 in. (4 cm) diameter or small pieces of cardstock, compasses, and paper scissors
  •   Small leaf template 
  •  Fabric scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  •  Blunt, large-eyed needle
  •  Small, sharp-pointed embroidery scissors 
  •  Wire cutters 
  •  Round-nosed jewelry pliers 

1 If you are using cardstock circles to make the pom-poms, draw the outer circles with 3/4 in. (2 cm) radii and the inner circles with a 3/8 in. (1 cm) radius. Transfer the leaf template onto the cardstock and cut it out. Using scissors or the rotary cutter, cut the pink silk into Y6 in. (1 cm) strips. You will need eight strips of silk, each 23 1/2 in. (60 cm) long, to make two earrings. 

2 Wind green embroidery floss around one paired half of the pom-pom maker or cardstock circles: these will form the blossom stamens. 

3 Wrap two strips of pink silk around each paired half of the pom-pom maker. If you are using cardstock circles, wrap four fabric strips around and through them. Threading the strips onto a blunt-eyed needle will make this task easier. 

4 If using the porn-porn maker, slot the two wrapped halves together, following the manufacturer's instructions. 

5 Using the embroidery scissors, cut through the fabric strips around the outside of the wrapped circles, slipping the points between the plastic or cardstock layers. 

6 Slip a length of pink embroidery floss between the plastic or cardstock layers and tie it tightly around the bundle of fabric strips.

7 Trim the pom-pom a little, but not too much: a slightly untidy pom-pom will give a blousy look perfect for cherry blossom. Make a second pom-pom in the same way. 

8 Pin the leaf template onto the silk brocade and cut out four leaves. 

9 Push a head pin through the ends of two of the silk leaves: if necessary, make a hole with a large needle first. 

10 Continue to push the head pin through the pom-pom, ensuring that the section of green thread is center front. 

11 Use the wire cutters to cut the wire 3/8 in. (1 cm) above the pom-pom. Then use the round-nosed pliers to bend the end of the wire into a small loop. 

12 Slip an ear wire onto the loop and squeeze closed with the pliers. Repeat Steps 11 and 12 to make up a second earring in the same way. 

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