Thursday, December 15, 2011

Margie's Paper Towel Holder

Margie will be a helping hand in the kitchen, but keep an extra supply of towels ready if little ones are about, because they will love her.

7½" circle of nylon for head
2, 1.5  " x 2.75  " strips nylon for right and left hands
Needle and thread to match fabric and nylon
2, 6mm beads
24 in. of 1"-wide eyelet for cuffs and collar
10 in. of 3/4" satin ribbon for bow
10" x 5" strip grey fake fur
21" x 9" pc. cotton calico for body
24-ga. wire for glasses
17" x 14" stained wood plaque
Towel holder
Roll of paper towels
Tacky glue or hot glue and glue gun
Hanger for plaque
Optional: Silk flowers for background decor 


Bring needle from back of head through fiberfill to the front a little above and to the right of the nose (Fig. 5).

Add the proper bead size and take needle through the same stitch as entered, going through to back of head. Tighten up thread slightly to give eye an indented appearance and secure with a knot (Fig. 6). Repeat same procedure for other eye.


Bring thread from back through fiberfill to front corner of right eye. Move needle over a few threads, insert it again, and bring needle downward vertically through fiberfill approximately 1" (Fig. 7).

Draw up thread between the 2 stitches. Move needle over a few threads and go back in beside where you came out, taking needle up through fiberfill to the stitch beside eye (Fig. 8).
 Draw thread up tightly to create fullness in cheek. Bring needle through fiberfill to back of head and secure with a knot. Repeat same procedure for other cheek. Rub on blusher sparingly to cheeks until desired shade is achieved.

Bring needle from back to front of head through fiberfill, coming out just below one cheek indentation. Go back in a few stitches over from where you came out and through fiberfill to back again. Stitch back and forth from back to front and front to back, forming a V-shaped stitching line, until you reach the other cheek (Fig. 9). Pull the last stitch from front to back through fiberfill to back of head and secure with a knot. Cut thread.


A. Curly chenille: Cut length needed and glue in place.
B. Fiberfill or Feel 'o" Fleece Fiber Cut length needed approximately 1½'' wide and glue in place.
C. Fake Fur: Cut length needed approximatety 1.25'' wide. Place on heed with fur down over face. Use hot glue and glue gun or stitch in piece around hairline (Fig. 10). Flip
hair back and brush down carefully to back of the head. Style as desired and glue or sew excess hair down to lower back of head.


 A. Cut a length of panty-hose 1.5" x 1.25". Fold in half lengthwise. Use tiny overcast stitches to sew seam across length and down one side (Fig. 11). Secure with a knot and turn inside out so stitches are not visible.

B. Take a small wad of fiberfill and stuff in tube until you create a nice oblong shape. Sew tube shut.
C. To make hand details, start between fingers and stitch through fiberfill back and forth from back to front and front to back until about .25'' from tip, Wrap thread around tip and secure (Fig. 12). Repeat same process with each finger until finished.

When making a pair of hands for a project, remember to make a right and a left hand (i.e., thumbs to inside). For smaller dolls, you can simplify the hand by making only a thumb (Fig. 13).

 Arms and Bodies:
Most sleeves and bodies are made from varying widths and lengths of stretch fabrics and cotton calicos sewn into tube shapes. The tubes can be machine-stitched or hand-sewn. With right sides together, fold fabric in half lengthwise. Use 0.25" seams and sew down one side. Turn fabric right side out and follow directions given.
NOTE: To avoid raw edges, always turn fabric under slightly to form hems, necklines, and cuffs, and when stitching to other body parts.

Wrap 18-ga wire around something that is  ½'' diameter or larger ( as needed to fit face). Tack glasses to face around nose area and secure at back.
1. Screw the paper towel holder to plaque approximately 4" from bottom. Attach hanger to center top of back of plaque.
2. Follow instructions (steps 1-8) to make head, hands, and hair-do. Make wire-rim glasses (step 10) and attach them above her nose. 
3. Stitch body fabric into a lengthwise tube ( step 9). Stuff tube loosely with fiberfill and attach hands to each end of tube. Add eyelet for cuffs. 
4. Using Fig. 1 as a guide, make very tiny stitches back and forth through fabric and fiberfill to create 8.25" sleeves and a 4" bodice. 
5. Glue bodice and shoulders to center of plaque snugly against top of towel holder.
6. Glue hands to ends of towel holder. 
7. Glue head to plaque and to center of bodice at neckline. Add eyelet for a collar and add a bow at center of neckline.
8. If desired, glue silk flowers onto the background. 

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